Work clothes

Efficiently issuing work clothes to sometimes hundreds of employees in industrial companies can be difficult. Our clothing storage units are the solution to this problem. For issuing work clothes, the combination lock in the main door opens all the lockers in one go and each employee can be given a key to their own personal locker.


Our assortment contains the following standard models:

  • WUK15 – H180xW30xD52cm, 1-section, 5-units high (5 lockers)
  • WUK25 – H180xW60xD52cm, 2-sections, 5-units high (10 lockers)
  • WUK18 – H180xW30xD52cm, 1-section, 8-units high (8 lockers)
  • WUK28 – H180xW60xD52cm, 2-sections, 8-units high (16 lockers)

Additional options

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