Odd ones out

Our durable single and bunk beds are the odd ones out in our product assortment. These steel-frame beds were originally developed for the Dutch army. Design and intensive use go hand in hand.

The perforated metal base plate guarantees optimal ventilation of the mattress (not included!). The beds are given special coatings. The frame has a fine-texture aluminium finishing; the perforated base plate is painted grey-black and the ends have a textured white coating.

Two types are available:

  • Single: external dimensions L230cm x W92cm x H47cm; for mattress size L220cm x W80cm
  • Bunk bed: external dimensions L230cm x B92cm x H115cm; for mattress size L220cm x W80cm

Special wishes?

Let us know so we can work together to design a bed that meets your requirements.