Changing room lockers

Hang up your coat!

The Basic! function of a changing room locker is to store clothing and personal items. The products in our Basic! line have a shelf for this purpose, which is fitted above a hanging rail with 4 coat hooks. If you only have a limited amount of available space, the Basic! lockers can be supplied as double units, mounted one on top of the other.

Models 1-unit high

  • H185xW30xD50, 1-section, 1-unit high (1 compartment)
  • H185xW60xD50, 2-sections, 1-units high (2 compartments)
  • H185xW90xD50, 3-sections, 1-units high (3 compartments)

Models 2-unit high 

  • H185xW30xD50, 1-section, 2-units high (2 compartments)
  • H185xW60xD50, 2-sections, 2-units high (4 compartments)
  • H185xW90xD50, 3-sections, 2-units high (6 compartments)

Additional options

The additional options for the Basic! line are a separate sloping top and a master key.