Since 1973, the basic steps in our manufacturing process have been gradually automated. As a result, standard and custom products can now be combined to provide ultimate reliability and flexibility. We prefer to meet technical challenges head on as opposed to walking away from them and are specialists in our field!

European standards

Naturally, we adhere to all strict European production standards (health, safety and the environment). The way in which we guarantee compliance with these standards is registered in our Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and the Environment Handbook that we set up in line with ISO 9001.

From start to finish

We are proud of the fact that we control our production process from start to finish. This means we not only carry out and carefully monitor each step in the production process from accepting materials to packing finished products for end customers ourselves, we also frequently become involved in projects in the design stage and usually complete them when our customers put our products into use. We call this 'customer service from start to finish'!